The Stereotypical PCV

23 03 2012

The Stereotypical PCV,

The power went out, its hard to see.

Laptop computer is about to die,

The rain clouds are teasing up in the sky.


Its time to make dinner, such a difficult task,

Because my dishes are dirty. Why? you might ask.

We’ve had no water for quite a few days now,

Despite all the odds, we make it through somehow.


Peace Corps is rough, I won’t tell a lie,

It can be so frustrating, sometimes I cry.

I miss my family and friends everyday,

But there’s plenty of reasons why I choose to stay.


The happiness of the people, the smile on their face,

Especially from the children, no money can replace.

The landscape is beautiful, the culture is old,

The riches of this country just cannot be sold.


I’m here because I want to be, I want to use my skill,

of helping others who are in need, I believe that its God’s will.

I’ve learned to appreciate little things and to take nothing for granted,

I’ve learned that if you have family and friends, you are never empty-handed.

None of this is possible, if it weren’t for all of you.

So thank you for your support to help me make it through.




3 responses

23 03 2012
Doug Crandall

Great poem Bailey. You are an amazing person. Love you, dad

23 03 2012

Miss you, Bailey. MOM

23 03 2012
Penny Dunn

I agree with your Dad! I know you’re a blessing to those you are helping… glad you are finding them to be a blessing for you, too! -Penny

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