19 07 2012

Meet Me! Through the thoughts of my fellow Peace Corps Volunteer, Dave!

winging it with whitey

if i’m going to start making extra efforts to appreciate people again, i guess i’d better bring back meet the peace corps, hadn’t i?

today, let’s meet bailey.

how much do i know about bailey?

not much.

i think, maybe, she might be religious… possibly.

not in that weird, grating way, but in that sweet, endearing way.

she’s from kansas, i know that, and she’s got the jayhawk pride and lilting twang to prove it.

bailey is the poster girl for what we used to tell the world american women were like, you know, before we started telling the world that american women were coked-out, whored-up, 14 year old disney pop singers. oops. did i say that out loud? i haven’t complained about disney in a while. i must be backed up.

speaking of backing up…

bailey is also on PSN. that’s how we come to be in…

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